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Fresh Juice™ Portable Blender

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Introducing the stunning Kensington Fresh Juice™ Portable Blender, a brand new innovative product arriving this summer.

We wanted to create a practical blender that is more powerful and battery efficient than anything else currently on the market, whilst looking super cute and stylish.


Luxury & Stylish Design

The blender features a unique, luxury and modern design to form a cute-looking bottle that compliments your fashion taste. It fits perfectly in your hand for a comfortable, firm and hassle-free grip whilst the attached circular handle extension makes it a handy carry-on bottle.

It's also the first portable blender to combine a modern European-patented design with an ultra-powerful blending capability. Its unique luxury style makes it the perfect accessory for creating a healthy snack at the gym, work or university, or perhaps a cocktail on a day trip to the beach.

Powerful with Long-lasting Battery

The 70Watt blender motor capable of up to 300 rotations per second is so powerful it can blend almost everything from frozen fruits, hard nuts and even large ice cubes with great ease.

The powerful battery holds enough charge to sustain 8 to 10 blends before requiring a recharge, more than most leading competitors. Not only is it incredibly fast, but it is also very quiet, ensuring you can blend in public without worrying about disturbing those nearby. 


Weighing just 490 grams and capable of holding 380ml, we designed the Fresh Juice blender to be one of the lightest on the market, perfect for carrying around in your bag.

The blender is made from durable BPA-free and non-toxic plastic, ensuring your food is not compromised, whilst a long-lasting stainless steel blade ensures powerful slicing with every use.

Easy Wireless Charging

The blender is charged via a wireless USB cable and takes just one hour to fully charge, making it super easy to charge on the go.

Introductory Offer

    The Kensington Fresh Juice™ Portable Blender is available at an amazing 50% off until November as part of our introductory launch offer.

    Product Name: Fresh Juice Portable Blender
    Product Capacity: 350ml
    Color: Pink, White
    Product Weight: 490g
    Product Model:214
    Product Zize: 82mm* 82mm' 218mm
    Input: DC5V-1A
    Battery Voltage: 7.4V-1400mAh
    Rated Power: 70W


    How long will it take till I receive my order?

    We are proud to offer FREE 48-hour delivery on all UK orders of blue light glasses. If we received your order before 4 pm (mid-week), we process and ship the same day.

    Please note, all Fresh Juice™ blender orders are currently made-to-order and will take a little longer to arrive (at the moment, UK orders usually arrive within 5-7 days).

    How do I know if my order has been shipped?

    We will email you and provide you with a unique order tracking number as soon as it has been shipped. If you're using Gmail, this may be filtered into your Promotions tab.

    Do you ship worldwide?

    Unfortunately, we are currently only shipping within the UK.

    Can I return my order?

    If you decide our product isn't for you, we're proud to offer a full FREE 30 days returns policy on all purchases. We will offer you a full monetary refund or you can purchase another item from Kensington.

    For more information on how to return your order, please e-mail us your order number at

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